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#223673 - As me and claire came down stairs after showing her the house all three girls were in the kitchen puting away the shoping nikky turned and said so matt what we havin for dinner am starin mom wouldn't let us eat anythin after lunch i replied ask amy she's the cook in this family to wich amy said beef and mushroom stroganoff with fried rice mmmmmmmm hummed out from all of us amy continued would you two like to help sorry but am not sure who is who giggiling nikky said it's easy to tell julie's left eye is blue and mine is green. Oh my god it's amazin my 15-year old daughter Amy said as we pulled up and in to the driveway Wait till we get inside i said with a smile knowing what the house was like i handed the spare key i had to Amy as i parked the car and told her to go have a look as i unpacked the car i watched as my beutiful baby girl ran up to the front door unlocked it and swung it open I saw the look of pure glee grow on her face as she scaned the room

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