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#343244 - it started out as just playing with sammy in his room, we were on the floor and he showed me some of his toys, after awhile he said he had to go potty so i waited till i heard him call my name, he couldnt get his pants unbuttoned and asked me to help him, i agreed and unbuttonned his pants and slip them down, he had the cutest little pecker, it was onlt an inch or so lonh and circumcised but was cute to look at, after he peed i told him to make sure he shook it off, he looked at me and said how, i said like this, and grabbed it with my thumb and index finger and shook it for him, he giggled as i did it and it didnt take him long to get an erection, his little pecker stood straight up about 2 inches long, he said it felt good and told me to keep doing it so i did, after a little bit i felt him tense up then relax as he had his first orgasm. my first time with sam was great, they were both so damn cute i couldnt wait to see him naked, sam who i called sammy was 4 years old.

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Someone have the name she is really really beautifull
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You are a very sexy nun alouca