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#373655 - Well, continued the doctor, we have a way of satisfying your curiosity without putting you in any kind of danger, have you ever heard of a surrogate?!? You mean like surrogate mothers, that sort of thing, answered Julie? No, not like that, said the doctor, what we have here at the clinic are trained sexual technicians, or surrogates, who can play just about any role you throw at them, in your case, the role would be one of an attacking rapist, with the main difference between this and the real thing, however, is that you can stop the session at anytime. Julie, the doctor began, when you thought that the intruder was a surrogate, were you really afraid, I mean, did you fear for your life? Julie answered, Well at first I was, but then I slowly realized that I wasn't in any real danger, and no, I guess I wasn't really afraid until I received the call from your office. After hearing her explanation, he said, Okay, answer it, but if you slip up, I'll cut yo

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