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#224972 - That was when you had decided you had to take a trip to see me, you were so turned on by me that day and was so very disappointed when you had to go and stop doing what we were doing, stop watching my hands rub my full breasts and pull the nipples just for you. Your fingers rubbed into my skin and I gave a little moan hoping the receptionist didn’t notice, by the way she looked at me she had heard something, I just smiled and blushed a little as you were given the keys to a room and I felt your hand move out of my panties giving one final squeeze of my luscious asscheeks and rub up them as you moved them out. I watched every taxi go past my heart beat up as I wondered when you would arrive; we were going to stay at a hotel near my home, one called Ardsley House Hotel I had been waiting for what seemed like an eternity when I saw a taxi pull up and the door open.

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