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#313115 - I asked her “did you like it?,”I think she rubbed it on my face and wouldn’t let me breath until I ate it. When I got to the car I opened the back door and Dee was naked with her hands tied up above her head with her bra, and the smell of pussy juice everywhere,the were hickies all over her neck, tits and thighs, Sandy wasn’t lying. Dee was still drunk so I figured it was now or never, I stuck my cock in her mouth so she could get some saliva on my cock,when I spread her thighs It was a real sight, my wife has a very hairy pussy, but usually her lips are tight, the pussy I was looking at was bright red and swollen pushing the hair up to the sides like a pouty pair of lips.

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Boa hancock
The mom looks like a gremlin
Who s the guy i want him
Ryousuke kominato
I wanna get used up too
Kyouka midarezaki
Damn who is she