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#260891 - Sue took a job in a small shop, and got on well with her boss, then one night she came home stripped me off, and sat on my face, as I licked her pussy, cum ran out, she had let her boss fuck her after work, this turned into a regular event with them most nights. Then we met one couple we started by fucking in different rooms, then after I had filled her pussy with cum, the lady got up and left me to rest, shortly I walked out into the second bedroom, to see Sue being fucked, and the lady eating her pussy out, my cock jumped straight back up and found her wet snatch again, we fucked until 4 am or so, after that Sue would make a point of playing with the other woman too. I worked a few night shifts, mainly Saturday from mid night to 9 am Sunday, Sue and Mac often got together, and he slept over some nights, fucking all night, until just before I got home around 10 am.

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