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#26639 - I moan as I slide in and out You: I try to lean up and kiss you, but the restraints hold me back and I fall on the bed softly Stranger: I lean down, passionately kissing you as my hips thrust deep into your tight little pussy You: I kiss back feeling you deep in me, I cum screaming your name repeatedly and arching my back Stranger: I moan as you cum for your daddy, and I fuck your tiny hole hard as it squeezes tight around me You: Ooooh fuck Daddy that felt amazing Stranger: Language princess I start bringing my hands down around your neck, choking you slightly You: Daddy what do you expect me to say if your fucking me so hard I say and smile up at you, teasing you Stranger: That you'll do anything for daddy because you're daddy's good little slut. I smile and then tie you down to the bed by your wrists and ankles You: My eyes widen when you take off your clothes revealing the cock that never fails to amaze me Stranger: The thick, veiny 7 inch cock throbs for you, and I posi

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Shun kurosaki
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