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#290933 - Due to the fact I was using a pisshorn I was having a hard time getting over the edge and Pat had two orgasms before I finally shot my sperm deep inside her with my balls almost buried inside her dripping wet pussy. Pat was going wild and wrapped her legs around my bum and was fucking my cock into her soaking wet pussy as hard as she could as she rolled straight into another orgasm with me trying to keep pace as I shot wad after wad deep inside her clutching cunt. I slowly kept ploughing in and out and said out loud … “we have only been naked for less than two minutes, lucky your also a quick cummer !” We slowly made love for half an hour or so in a few different position enjoying the slow build up until I said I was getting close, Pat seemed to just let herself go and we both had an incredibly intense orgasm together totally shattering us both and we fell asleep spooned together with my cock still embedded inside her.

Read Por 诺艾米的日常2 - Original Punheta 诺艾米的日常2

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Yzak joule
Was this all in one damn day
Maka albarn
Damn this is sexy
Bazett fraga mcremitz
You are very beautiful and sexy