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#279266 - I was about 12 at the time and he was like 13 or 14 I was spending the night at me best friends house and her older brother and his best friend were there too and I had a HUGE crush on both of them we were all sleeping downstairs in the basement be cause there was the most room we watched a movie and then we all got tired so we laid down to go to sleep I cold feel Derek’s (her brothers best friends) hand on my butt. When we woke up we ate beak fast and went swimming played softball and ran around me and Derek didn’t really talk then mia asked if I could spend the night a gain and I heard jaydon ask Derek if he could to we both said we could and we played for the rest of the day we watched another movie Then it was time for bed again jaydon and mia fell asleep we went up stairs and got on mias bed we didn’t waist time we got undressed and started making out he got hard so I started to suck his dick again he started moaning and then he pulled me down to the bed and we s

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