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#25621 - While the woman played bridge, the talk almost always ended up about sex, or the lack of it! A men's stag party would be hard pressed to top these four ladies in the hot talk department, and while most of it was good natured, more than a few times the barbs being traded left a little blood! Billie had listened, and yes contributed to a lot of gossip over the years, but now she was about say and do something that would change the group forever. Would you like to satisfy these women, Bobby, Billie asked? Very much, ma'am, he said, this time with a touch of enthusiasm! Barbara didn't even ask permission, she just pulled him too her with his cock, and slipped her wet mouth over the huge round head as a soft sigh came from Bobby's lips as the middle aged woman nibbled on his erection. I can't wait to put it in my cunt, and obviously turned on Marion exclaimed, as she stood up and reached under her dress to pull off her panties.

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