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#163940 - My husband and I took a 3 week vacation trip to a small town on the beach close to Dalaman, Turkey , it was our 4th time in this town, we had a nice hotel, right on the beach, on our first night after a nice dinner and a few drinks, we made our way back to the room, it was a 2nd floor, nice balcony, big room, when we got to the room, my husband and I quickly got undressed he took me in to the shower we washed each other, I washed his cock until it was hard as a rock, he pinned me against the wall and slipped his cock into my waiting cunt, the cool water, his hard cock, was feeling good, we both orgasmed together, we dried off , grabbed a beer and sat naked on the balcony late in to the night. I got up and asked where the restroom was, I was pointed below deck, I went down and found what I was looking for, I did my business and was leaving when I bumped in to Emod, he looked right at my tis and reached up taking one in his hand holding it he licked my nipple then sucked it into his mo

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Aoi yamada
Damn i wish i could cum inside you like that
Sera eguchi
I need this in my life