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#92061 - True I did not see his cock till that moment, that night, only the night before, but I felt it gliding slowly in me so deep in my pussy, I felt it stretching the inner walls of my pussy, it felt much bigger than ten inches in fact, it felt almost twice as big as the last cock which had been in my pussy before this time, but I was taking it with no sweat at all, he kept pushing it in me till I felt his balls resting over my crotch. I helped walking Billy in the house, and locked the door behind the driver, my son was acting strange that night, and he was drunk, saying things he did not usually say, he started checking my body with a clear ‘pussy hungry’ man’s eyes, unlike the way he used to look at me, like a son, he even was mumbling words of how I had turned the poor driver on, by displaying my seminude, sexy body, then he said, “I don’t blame him, do you? Any man would go on fire looking at this hot, sexy body of yours mom” Billy was saying that while placing his hands all over my

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