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#105179 - Amy: Wow mum your breasts are huge and your nipples are so hard Me: Thankyou Amy your breasts are big too and your nipples are hard as well Amy: Thanks mum i guess i take after you Me: Yes Amy you do when i was your age i had 20 D breasts and now they are 48EE Amy: Wow mum that’s a huge size mine are 22D Me: Yes i know Amy i have been buying you bigger bra’s almost every year i think yours will be as big as mine if not bigger so shall we get in Amy: Thanks mum i hope mine get as big as yours and yes please let’s get in the bath. The sky was getting a little darker which meant it would rain later but it didn’t deter us from our day out shopping. Amy: Mmmm mum that’s so nice thank you again Me: Your welcome honey now we need to get some sleep but first we need to get into our nighties i will go and get yours and help you into it then i will change into mine.

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