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#127268 - When I reached my room I lowered her gently onto the bed, still keeping my finger buried in her arse. We both lay there for a few minutes recovering our breath, and then Kim said, “Oh! Uncle, you have made me feel better than I could ever have imagined, are you going to fuck me now with your big hard cock and make me a woman?” “Oh! No sweetheart there is one more lesson in the art of lovemaking before that happens. My arsehole was tensing in fear and apprehension, I then felt the tip of her finger probing against the resistance that it was getting, but Kim was very determined and increased the pressure until her finger slipped all the way inside my tight arsehole and she began to pump it in and out in time with my 2 fingers in her own arse.

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Where i can find more of them thanks for help
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Would love to do a collab x