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#242711 - It wasn’t so early, so I dialed, and she answered sleepily. “Tuan, put the sheet covering just half of Anh’s Steve’s buttocks, but our legs and feet exposed, and our upper bodies exposed, and then take the shot length-wise, head to toes, ok when I say ‘ready’?” Tuan agreed and covered me ever so slightly, and Bo laid his hands on my buttocks, one on the sheet, the other on bare flesh, and I curved one between us to grasp his nipple, and the other to curl under his neck to lift his face to mine. I checked and had four frames left, so I asked if Tuan could get on top of Bo, and then reversed with Bo in a missionary position, catching Tuan’s breasts flattened out to the side – oh that was nice, I thought! “I have two shots left, what do you want?” Tuan jumped up, naked and uncaring and came to me, reaching for the camera; “I want to take the last one, Anh; you get on the bed with Bo, and I will give directions until it looks perfect, ok Bo, Anh?” I looked at Bo, who smiled enigmatic

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