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#275714 - Then she got tight, dug her nails deep into my back, tightened her clutch around me with her legs and arm, bit down on my shoulder and let out a deep, buzz of an orgasm, shakin and shiverin, breathin irregular and just oozin with cum, runnin down my legs and on the desk, eventually she relaxed and eased up allowing me to sit back with her still attached to me, then after 2 minutes she began to move and pulled me out of her. She stayed in the back for the rest of the day, then at about 7:50 she asked me to stay late for inventory, I said damn and only if I get to rub on her booty, normally she just walks away but this time she blushed. Then I stood up dropped my pant and pulled off my tank and start kissin her not partin from her clit, her moan excaped her mouth in to mines, then I traces a path from her lips to her breast with my tongue, bring her to a deeper moan.

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