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#250648 - Naira tilted her head back and stared unseeing at the ceiling, lost in the sensations that were wrapping around her already sensitive cock, “Oh fuck Ardanis, this is amazing, you feel so fucking good! No wonder Tesla can never resist your sweet ass. After a few long moments she broke the kiss, letting him stare deep into her dark eyes, “Of course we can my love, but I’m not finished yet,” she said, grinning she rose and Ardanis blinked up at her in surprise, her cock, which had begun to flag when she had squatted down, was already hard again, ready, waiting for his attention, “Get your ass on the bed. Naira gasped and whimpered into the full soft flesh of Aludiana's breast as she felt her lover's nails dig into her sides, the Demonette's thrusting movements coming faster and more furious, punishing Naira’s frame and driving her from climax to climax with no room for pause.

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