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#21400 - Well, she replied, you certainly look like things have been treating you fine. Is you wife here, I'd like to meet her, asked Miss Foley? Scott went on to explain that his wife was a nurse and had duty that weekend, and couldn't get away, so taking Scott by the arm, she gently lead him through the mass of people and through the doorway into the quiet dark halls of Central High and exclaimed, That's better, you can barely hear yourself think in there! Both of them sipped their punch as they walked through the deserted halls, commenting about old times as they passed by the different rooms. All the air whistled out of Scott, as he was now looking at Miss Foley's pantiless vagina that was still the hairiest cunt he had every seen, thick and curly, in the shape of a perfect vee! She sat down on the couch with her legs spread, and said, I think if I remember correctly, that this is what you enjoyed eating!?! In a heartbeat Scott was on his knees, drinking in

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