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#231668 - From my right “Oh good Edward you’re returning to consciousness after 38 hours!” In my head ‘why was I out? And why can’t I recall what happened before checking out!’ Opening my eye more a female figure comes into focus “I feared that I struck you harder than I allowed myself to do!” A brunette, blue eyed beauty with skin as smooth as porcelain is hovering by my side an expressionless face looking to mine “Why did you deactivate me after having coitus?” All I can do is stare into that perfect face as I try remember what I may have done to her. Great we have an eyewitness beside cops when the chief call us onto the carpet about what the possible solution to our supernatural sex attackers! I’ve been down for so long I’m chomping at the bit to get back out there and solve it once and for all! Calling ahead I schedule a meeting with Chief D’lorde and the person of our discussion! By the time we make our way downtown to headquarters both are in the chief’s office. As they get aboard the

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