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#377375 - Oh, and Harry, if only the bets on the size of your prized jewels were House points, we'd win the House Cup as fast as Percy can apparate downstairs. - Gred and Forge ------------------------------------------------------- To: All Gryffindors From: Neville Longbottom Re: NAKED Now that I have your attention, I'd like to remind everyone that November 13th, i ' s birthday. Brotherly Love, Fred & George ------------------------------------------------------- To: All Gryffindors From: Ron Weasley Re: Attention All Gryffindors If I find the perv who has been sneaking around taking pictures of me starkers, I'll do worse than an unforgiveable curse! And, I bet I'm not the only one this creep has been stalking! Anyone with knowledge of the identity of this git had better let me know and let me know fast or I'll go straight to McGonagall! - Ron Weasley.

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