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#102825 - I stripped and went into Sally’s room, she had done as l asked and looked ready for a good fucking, getting between her legs we kissed as l found her hole with my cock and slid inside her, l started fucking my sister hard and fast telling her she was my bitch and only my cock was ever going inside her. Our first fuck at home was when she came home one afternoon and we were alone so began kissing which got my cock hard, l ordered my sister Sally to go to her room take her knickers off but keep her uniform on then lay on the bed with her legs open. It was my uncle Martin, Debbie’s father carrying her in his arms, she was out of it due to drinking too much, l watched from the bathroom as he placed her on the bed then undressed her got his cock out and lay between the legs of his daughter and began fucking her, when he finished my uncle Martin got up put his cock away and left.

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