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#140029 - Speaking loud so everyone could listen, specially Jane, Andrew said “guys! You left this pussy sloppy, I need my cock somewhere tighter lol” Jane thought “What does this asshole think, he is almost hipping me, how can he say its sloppy?” and she felt him going outside her pussy and pointing to her ass! Jane never let any boy fuck her ass, she thought it was humiliating and she knew her hole was tiny, it was impossible to have such a cock inside her ass! Jane tried to step forward to run from the cock, but Andrew was holding her, he positioned his cock and started to force it way inside her. --x--x-- x— Jane was in a hurry, as she had to come alone she had to use the subway and walk some miles as she didn’t have a car and was not going to pay an expensive cab. She was sucking that cock and wanted another at her pussy.

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