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#227234 - They lay there that way for several moments,as the tribe was still chanting and the drum beats echeoing in the village, the Servant women standing beside Mom and daughter moved to their heads and began chanting up to the heavens their arms raised into the air, their hands openly aimed at at it as well, as the drum beats slowed to thump, thump, thump sound the village now chanting a different one all of them raising their arms up to the sky and back to the ground as if calling some God of theirs to come before them! As suddenly the circle of the villagers parted and through the darkness beyond came a woman who was painted all white nearly naked but a large leaf stood out from her mound area as she danced and pranced about chanting herself to the heavens the Large Leaf bounced and swung about wildly as the villagers bowed to her as she passed them and came forth to stand right between both Sharon and Ruby on their beds, and stopped her dancing and arm movements. As they had their cups

Read Brother Sorrow Rain II - Da capo Chastity Sorrow Rain II

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