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#240046 - After a long time of slowly sucking his cock Tom let out a low moan and I felt his warm cum hitting the roof of my mouth. After this Tom knelt down and undid my flys, he pulled my cock out and started to play with it, I pushed himaway saying that I didnt want it but he said But I do want it, and tonight what i say goes got it? and so I had to stand there while he played with my cock and slowly jacked ifter a while of that Tom told me to lie on the floor, so I did and the Tom Stood over me and told me to suck his balls, I had to sit up a bit to do it but I managed it and I felt his small preteen balls moving over my tounge in his little sack, after doing this for about 10 minutes Tom turned back around and told me to but his cock back in my mouth, As I did it I realised that it wasnt hard anymore and I didnt understand way he wanted me to suck it, and then I realised that he was about to pee in my mouth and no sooner had I realised that had he started to let it go, as it trickled dow

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Fucking hell that is officially the hottest thing i ve seen on this site damn