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#89938 - I had a couple of joints and jumped in the shower to freshen up, and set off to hers, she only lived 10 minutes walk away which was a bonus, I was slightly nervous for some reason, She was by no means the first person I'd slept with, far from it, but for some reason I was a little nervous that evening. She liked it, so I continued further and found her to be wearing a thong, I could feel her pussy lips and started to rub slowly, her breathing changed instantly as she parted her legs to let my fingers slide in and do their magic, I pulled her onto me so I could move more freely, so she started grinding the absolute shit out of me whilst I had my fingers deep in her soaking pussy.

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Yu takasaki
Oh cool viedo i hope i can do some nice hentais as yours soon my hentais is sucks yet
Tetsuo takahashi
Whatever u say