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#273341 - I haven’t had an orgasm in a few months so I was emptying my balls inside her, I could faintly hear her muffle a scream as she shuddered in my hands, I moaned as my cock convulsed, sending streams of cum into her pussy, after what felt like an eternity my cock stopped it’s convulsions and I pulled my cock out of her. Just before it got dark Clive and me stopped and I slipped on my shirt, Wendy came out looking fresh and dressed in a mini skirt and a loose t-shirt “Do you have any plans for tonight?” I shrugged “I’ll probably read a bit, then go to bed” “How about joining Clive and me for supper? You’ve been helping him so much and I think I can at least repay you with something to eat” Clive seemed to be possibly glowing at the suggestion, so I agreed, he jumped around happily and ran off to the house to get cleaned up. I noticed that the little guy had a lot of fire, but no control, so I got them together and asked names.

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They definitely had a good camera man nice work the sound was excellent