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#30620 - She emerged into her many million dollar home, walking through the impressive open plan kitchen and past her r-shaped black leather sofa to the front door - still stark naked. She peered out the small rectangular slit of a window above the sink to the lights of the other houses across the Crescent. She was the stereotypical Hollywood Housewife: long flowing blonde hair that rested over her shoulders and shimmered in the late night moon; a pair of fake breasts that were a GG cup and were always made sure to look like the most prominent feature of her figure; a thin and well toned hourglass of a frame; a round pert behind that would wobble with each step; and of course long, never ending legs that trailed to a perfect pair of small feet.

Read Tight Pussy Porn Inzetsu no Bara - Desolute Rose Muscular Inzetsu no Bara - Desolute Rose

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