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#184400 - Its black scraggly hair was matted with blood, its red eyes glowed like hazard lights, both heads had rhino-like horns on the bridges of their noses, two pairs of bull-like horns protruded from behind its ears, its long jagged fangs poked out past its jowls and glistened with acidic saliva, its claws looked more like talons and appeared almost too large for its paws, and its dark-grey wings were webbed with spindly bones and were missing most of the surface membrane, but the creature was still able to fly. “Damn it, how is it possible that this thing is so powerful?!” Raphael cursed as he pushed aside the wall of a broken building that had fallen on top of him. “Angel Art: Incense Suffocation Seal!” Michael announced, slamming his hands on the ground.

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