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#383446 - When something deep inside you dies, When people around don't hear your cries, When sadness starts to fill your dreams, When something deep inside you screams, When loneliness overtakes your heart, And anger starts to tear you apart, That's when I'll be by your side, To make your fears run and hide, To help you make it through the night, To tell you everything will be alright, To be there for you night and day, Driving all your worries away, To hold you tight and keep you warm, To guide you through that raging storm, I'll be there always and never leave, For in my love you can believe. After it was over, we sat and held each other for a while. I saw a large stuffed Teddy bear on top of her bed.

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Cure heart
Great hentai
Chisa tsukamoto
Such a perfect piece of ass