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#108526 - Vogelson, but at this very moment, it seemed quite appropriate to say, Blair, darling, please put your mouth on my vagina and suck me off, after hearing your story I know that you are a very oral woman and it will come quite naturally to you!!! When her boss seemed frozen and unable to make the move by herself, Jan took her hand and gently but firmly pressed Blair's mouth directly into her love canal, whereupon the red hot secretary immediately had the first of several convulsive orgasms that left her drained and limp as an old wash rag!!! Taking a tissue paper from inside her desk drawer, Blair wiped Jan's cunt juice from her face and said awkwardly, I-I don't know how that happened, I've never done anything like that before!!! With her legs still wide apart and her cunt lips still obscenely gaping right in Blair's face, Jan said softly, I was right wasn't I, you loved it, you can't help yourself, you're addicted to oral sex and there�

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