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#99467 - When we got back home and we were getting out of the car I said to Carol, 'STRIP OFF' and she took off her dress right there and then and walked really slowly across the car park and in to the house and straight to the toilet and waited for me to bring the enema bag and all the other stuff and when I got to the toilet she was bent double over the bath and said 'Go for it now I am so horny and I really need you to shove that huge nozzle up my arse and fill my bowels with ice cold water' and I set up the 2 quart enema bag with cold water, shoved that big nozzle up her arse hole and turned the water on, quite fast to start with and when the bag was half empty slowed the flow down and as this was happening I looked at her belly which was so swollen she looked about three months pregnant. When she came too again I said 'Now we know exactly what turns you on and that is, you have an over sensitive arse hole' and she asked me 'Is that a good thing? and I

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Mint blancmanche
Wow the cock sucking looks so delicious
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That is spectacular