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#437830 - He then said not you im taking you I said who He said i want to take you to sain   I said sweet an all exPENISes paid trip to spain   We ran gaily back to his house to talk more about the plans ahead   the first problem was that the local airport had been closed recently ad the closest airport was 5 fucking hours away which was retarded. It was a fine day in in the picturesk village of launchton, or what the locals call it dairylee lunchables Honestly that has to be the worst lunch anyone can give their children   The village was a type of village that every body knew each other and as soon as a new car rolled through the old people grimaced at the sight of it.   Soon we landed in spain, we got to the hotel and i noticed People where partying, and i thought to myself what the fuck All day all night Viva la fiesta, viva la noche Viva los DJ's I couldn't believe what I was living So I called my friend Johnny And I said to him: Johnny, La gente esta muy loc

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