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#250043 - That's enough about me ,Claire had a few friends which were hot and they were always over my house and could see them giggling and looking my way but that turned Claire on and i always got rewarded after they had left , even sometimes if i was in kitchen Claire would be under table sucking me off , letting me shoot my spunk into her mouth which she greedly swallowed and licked the rest of my come off her lips , then she went back into living room to say goodbye to her mates by giving then a quick kiss on there lips before they left, one or two even asked what lipstick or balm she used because it tasted nice. please add me on [email protected]. Soon her hand was inside m boxers getting a good feel , i looked back to the bedroom door but i was quiet,as i turned around Donna pulled my boxers down letting all 10 inchs bob up and down, Claire never lied hair so my cock and balls were hair free , even my arse hairs were gone but after ever wax or shave i got blown or was alo

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Good vid
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Good scene