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#32748 - We showered together giggling like kids over what had just happened, and we asked each other, was it good ( He was better then me wasn't he) ( She has bigger tits you don't need me now) We eyed each other waiting for so sign that we had made a big mistake. we all sat on the couch, I offered my smokes to anyone who wanted one, Tony and kendra both accepted. We sat down and ate a great meal, followed by serious amounts of wine, during dessert which my man seemed to take forever eating i decided to get my own dessert, I looked around and noticed about half the tables only had one occupant, I was momentally confused then figured it out they all had the same Idea, I slid under the table and crawled over to my guy, I slid his zipper down and pulled his rapidly hardening cock out of his pants, I licked the tip slowly savoring his fluid like a fine wine, I heard a moan and wasnt sure if it was him or someone else, I licked his shaft up and down then back again leaving hot trai

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