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#78670 - I say Suzie Q its 8 and ¼ inches long and 5 and ¾ inches around actually bigger around than your arm and almost as long so do we stay home and watch TV or do we go to the drive-in and I make you a woman by fucking you senseless and blowing a load of cum up your tight little pussy she just looks up at me with her big round eyes and ask if her red dress and thigh high stockings will do for a night of me fucking her in my car at the drive-in? Yep I’m dead if I fuck her and get caught with my cock in her and dammed by her if I don’t so I say get a shower and get dressed we’ll get a bugger a fries first and popcorn at the drive-in. So what do I do now, well little Suzie said that she would be a good girl for me and put a dress on and stockings like mom and my girlfriend wear I kind of snickered and told her it wouldn’t be the same she just wasn’t old enough to understand . An in her sweet little voice and the look on her face she asked why? As I was trying to explain it to her that the dr

Read Joven LyriNana in Shokushu - Mahou shoujo lyrical nanoha Riding LyriNana in Shokushu

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