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#302655 - closes the site and goes to his daughter's room and tells her that it was him she was talking to and she starts crying because she thought she has meet the one and he holds her and she cries she sits there thinking about the nude picture of her and grabs her boob and says i thought i meet the right one too and kisses her and back away and says no we cant dad but he has over controled now and strips her down and starts making out with her and unzips his zipper and makes her suck his cock and she starts out first not doing it and then finally does and he starts fingering her and she gets wet and he pulls out of her mouth and pulls up her night shirt and looks down and pulls her lil body up and eats his sweet young daughter's pussy, after a few seconds tastes his younger daughter's sweet juices. He says sure and that he was tired and was going to go lay down. The daughter sees his name on there before he logs off and adds him to her page because he seems cool and lives in

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